Adams, J. Dean - The Black Ase

NWF 001 | MMXI | English | Booklet

Very few left! 2nd edition in progress.

In Norse mythology the god Odin takes a central position as king of the Æsir. As the highest god his nature is though far from easy to fully understand. His darker aspects, deriving from the primeval void (Ginnungagap) itself, are often completely ignored by the followers of the Norse tradition.

In this publication the American occultist Dean J. Adams tries to delineate his perspectives of the bipolar Odin. The booklet also contains two ritual descriptions which practically and effectively works with the Dark aspects of the presented bipolar formula.

Although parts of Mr Adam's religious perspectives, his terminology and ritualistic attributes might not always correspond with the path followed by the individuals behind Nine Worlds Fall. The publishers never the less find the topic and Mr Adam's points of view to be extremely essential in the total understanding of both Odin as a god and in the honest quest for primeval wisdom along the Norse-Teutonic path.

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