Shamanic drum + Nine Worlds Fall bag

NWF | MMXII | Instrument | ~47cm in diameter

This drum can be used for a variety of purposes, like:

- drumming into trance

- meditational support

- cleansing of places

- ritualistic support

- musical use

- etc

It comes with a self made thick and heavy high quality bag, with Nine Worlds Fall patch on it.

Price: 95€

Shipping costs:

Germany: 4,90€

Europe (EU): 17€

Europe (non-EU): 30€

International: 36€

VOID - Pendant

SDP/NWF | MMXII | Pendant | ~4,5cm in diameter


Limited to 50 pieces!

The void-pendant was originally released by Scythe of Death as sigil of the dark Germanic music band Nawaharjan. It’s also the sign that appears as logo the VOID-CD-series.

The symbol stands for the nine worlds in One (the primordial Hrimthurs Aurgelmir), represented by the nonagram, and their return into an absolute, the holy Nothingness - namely Ginnungagap!

The sign bears an absolute liberating intention within itself. It’s not in relation to any specific giantic deity or force, but points directly towards the One and the All.

Price: 12€ / 110 SEK / 15,00$

Shipping costs:

Germany: 1,90€

International: 3,45€ / 30SEK / 4,60$